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Welcome to the official website of the top American Wrestling
touring company in Ireland, the American Wrestling Roadshow.

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Wrestling in Ireland | Irish Wrestling - WRESTLING.IE ™

Wrestling in Ireland | Irish Wrestling - WRESTLING.IE ™


Upcoming WRESTLING.IE Events!

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WRESTLING.IE - 'Britain's Best of the Best' Main Event Announced!

WRESTLING.IE Management can now reveal the huge main event 

of our gigantic Belfast Waterfront event this year has been 

signed! The extravaganza will be headlined with a special 

'Home Nations' match pitting the very best of each country 

against one another in an epic fatal four-way match!!!

The event has been dubbed 'Britain's Best of the Best' and it will

 feature the very best (non-contracted) talent, battling it out to 

decide once and for all which area in the British Isles is the Best!

The mega match-up will feature...

The Former WWE Superstar 
'The Welsh Warrior' Mason Ryan

The Former WWE Superstar 
'The Sinister Scotsman' Drew McIntyre

The Former TNA Champion 
'The Elite of England' Magnus

The WRESTLING.IE Champion 
'The Belfast Brawler' Dunkan Disorderly

With a strong opening day pre-sale, tickets for this unique 

encounter are now in demand. Tickets are priced at only £15, be 

sure and grab yours today from the Belfast Waterfront Box Office 

on 028 9033 4455 or from Ticketmaster on 0844 847 2455!

The American Wrestling Roadshow - Setting the Standard!


Former WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre signs for WRESTLING.IE! 


Drew Galloway also known as the former World Wrestling 

Entertainment Superstar DREW McINTYRE has signed with

WRESTLING.IE - The Sinister Scotsman will debut on Saturday,

November 8th at the Belfast Waterfront, alongside England's 

Magnus and Wales' Mason Ryan! More exciting details on this 

signing and other signings will be announced in the coming weeks!

The American Wrestling Roadshow - Setting the Standard!


Former WWE Superstar Mason Ryan signs for WRESTLING.IE! 


Barri Griffiths also known as former World Wrestling Entertainment

Superstar MASON RYAN has signed with WRESTLING.IE

The Welsh Warrior will debut on Saturday, November 8th at the 

Belfast Waterfront and will be on-hand for the rest of our 

events throughout the year! More exciting details on this signing 

and new signings will be announced in the coming weeks!

The American Wrestling Roadshow - Setting the Standard!


TNA's Magnus scheduled to appear for WRESTLING.IE!

TNA's Magnus comes to Belfast City - WRESTLING.IE ™

TNA's Magnus comes to Belfast City - WRESTLING.IE ™

The first ever British born World Heavyweight Champion will be 

making his way to the Belfast Waterfront on Saturday, November 

8th to face-off against the WRESTLING.IE Champion whether 

that’s Prince Devitt or Dunkan Disorderly.

Magnus rose to fame within the world of wrestling with TNA, 

appearing on their highly successful IMPACT WRESTLING weekly

 television program. Hailing from King’s Lynn in England, Magnus

 defeated top international stars such as Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles 

on his way to becoming the World Heavyweight Champion.

This giant event takes place at the Belfast Waterfront on 

Saturday, November 8th. Tickets are priced at £15 and will be 

available from Ticketmaster and the Waterfront Box Office in April.



Prince Devitt signs with WRESTLING.IE!


Prince Devitt - WRESTLING.IE ™
Prince Devitt - WRESTLING.IE ™

At last the best junior heavyweight in Japan, perhaps the World 

has signed for WRESTLING.IE! Devitt who hails from Bray in 

County Wicklow, left Ireland for the bright lights of Tokyo over 7 

years ago, has returned to his homeland in search of new 

challenges. Although Devitt, who is the current reigning and 

defending IWGP junior heavyweight champion, has performed on 

Irish soil before, this new 5 event deal with WRESTLING.IE will be 

his first time performing in the major venues across the country.


Devitt makes his long awaited debut for WRESTLING.IE on Friday, 

October 4th at the Belfast Waterfront as part of a special 8 man 

tournament to crown the first ever WRESTLING.IE champion! More 

information on this development will emerge in the days and weeks 

to come, but for now Devitt admits 'the Irish scene has taken off 

in recent years and am glad to be part of it, am looking forward to

 stepping through the ropes for WRESTLING.IE and putting everyone 

in their place, into the ground where they belong!'


Tiny Iron is coming to Ireland - Sign's for WRESTLING.IE!


Tiny Iron - WRESTLING.IE ™
Tiny Iron - WRESTLING.IE ™

Tiny Iron has officially signed with WRESTLING.IE and will be 

making his debut on Friday, August 16th in Galway City at the

Leisureland Complex. Tiny who boasts the biggest biceps in Britain, 

is delighted to be part of the American Wrestling Roadshow and is

keen to chew up and spit out wrestlers in every town across Ireland. 

Tiny Iron who has been wrestling hard - HARD all over Europe now 

for a few short years, has now got his sights firmly set on Ireland. 

Tiny who is constantly gaining mainstream appeal, has appeared 

in several high profile movies alongside the likes of Vinny Jones, 

Danny Dyer, Tamer Hassan, 50 Cent and other well known hard-men. 

Huge Celebrities such as Rihana have describe Tiny as a 'Sweet Guy'

whlist others like Jay-Z stated that Tiny 'has the power to succeed' - 

Whatever you think of this muscle mountain one thing is for sure 

and that is you'll be entertained like never before. As Iron says 

himself 'Ireland is gonna' get hench 4 real, and if it's not 

WRESTLING.IE it ain't worth no damn admission fee brother!'



The American Wrestling Roadshow is proud to bring the biggest and the best pro wrestling in Ireland to your town. We tour the country to give you the chance to see your heroes in action! Don’t be fooled by our imitators - we’ve chosen the best wrestling talent from around Ireland and the UK, giving you a night of incredible action with huge main events. We put the ‘live’ in live entertainment - and we’re confident you’ll return for more!


If you’re a fan of wrestling in Ireland, don’t miss your chance to grab a ringside seat when we come to your town. We perform in the largest, most prestigious venues and tickets always sell out; fast! So make sure to sign up for free now (above) and we’ll send you information on our latest events and much more!


Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, to keep up-to-date with the wrestling superstars as they take on new challengers and defend their place at the top of the sport. All our Irish wrestling nights provide the very best in sports entertainment, and we guarantee you an atmosphere that will have you cheering for your hero and booing the baddies. Our shows are perfect for families with children from five and up, there’s no violent behaviour but there’s always plenty of action, that’ll keep you talking about us for weeks to come!


We believe our roadshow captures Irish wrestling at its best - and we’re proud to have some of Ireland’s finest wrestlers as part of our tour. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the sport or just want a great night out with friends and family, we’re committed in creating the most exciting experience possible from start-to-finish. So please take your seats for wrestling in Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Galway and many more towns around Ireland!





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